Well now starts the crazy part of this project which is travel. 

We plan on hitting as much as possible, so this is going to be a whirlwind trip.  Canada, Eastern WA, Oregon, Idaho and anything else along the way.

Here is to hoping that the mountains hold off any winter weather, not that we cannot drive in it, just more for safety and fast travels.


Christmas map has just had a silent drop on the webpage, with a reveal post planned for tonight.

It will be interest to see how much it explodes this year.  Though we have enjoyed the outpouring of community assistance this year in helping to confirm displays on the map, it is quite the change, as when we’ve asked in the past, we got little response.

320 or so displays confirmed by hand over the weekend, and 100s more to go to just regain what we had in 2022.  But for this time in the season, it’s a great start.


We were excited to find out that what we do here, has made an impact on someone who does something similar on the other side of the country.  This is just amazing.  We take pride in what we do here, and that pride now shines through, in helping make someone else’s project better.

This is a great gift to us this season.  Only thing better would be a stack of cash to fund our projects we had to put on hold for the season.

Well back to working on the map, got to get that ready for everyone.


We were really hyped to get the webpage redone at least, but finding out having the features we want and having it in Wordpress would add expenses to our project that we do have not have a budget for recurring yearly fees just to have a feature on our webpage.  We can similar things in HTML, with the correct coding in place.  Unfortunately I am not a master coder by any means.. We muddle through creating this site using software that aids us in the process.  It’s not that we don’t try, we both do, it’s just beyond our native skill set.

We will keep trying, and see what comes of things.


Well we got lots of offers for help, but it wasn’t really help, just mostly salespeople.  We got some good offers, but that said, any money for those would be out of personal finances which are tight.  So after we get sponsors (hopefully) we can use that money toward these things early next year for the 2024 season.

We are a bit disappointed but we did start way too late to do it effectively and efficiently, so the fault is partly ours.

We still really want to add new features, but it needs to be a bit more on our terms, not changing the foundation we’ve already started.  So website, as janky as it is, will stay the same for this year, and app gets delayed yet again due to finances.

But in all seriousness if all our Fb followers donated just a dollar each, we would have PNWCL fully funded for a couple years, and have enough to get a high quality  app made, and a super professional webpage.

But those will have to wait for this year.