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USA Thanksgiving

Today is the day that those of us in the United States celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, followed by the craziest shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

On this day of giving thanks, we want to recognize how thankful we are to have this project and our wonderful following that has come with it
The benefits of this project have extended my reach further than I would have ever initially thought it would, and the friendships we've made along the way we will cherish.

We will be hosting and cooking our Thanksgiving meal, with all the traditional fare for our family.

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Light Up Days

With Light up day for most displays in the next couple of days, planning our days/nights is key to visit as many displays as possible.

A handful light up on Thanksgiving, others the day after, and most by or near December 1st.

We are looking forward to our media day at #EnchantSeattle, this is our first media access to a commercial event since starting this project, hopefully the first of many!

I hope you all enjoy the lights, and enjoy our blog.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Holiday Blues 2

The struggle is real, and again it returns this year.

For those that have been following my blog, will know that i deal with seasonal depression, and it stems from being poor growing up and being disappointed more times than not during the holidays.
This year is no different, as disappointment looms over this season for me. I work hard on this project as distraction from the depression, as I do see the joy that it brings others, which I try to feed off of.

I've been planning a big trip to see displays in the farther reaches, but the expense of such a trip is not something that funding is available for. With the time and travel expenses, plus my normal monthly bills, unless other funding magically appears, it seems long distance travel is out of the question.

The cost of running/hosting this page, and the 40+ hours I spend each week working on this project comes with no pay. If every one that followed me on Facebook donated simply $1 each so many of the costs of this would be easily covered, and with $2 each, could even hire an app developer to give all of you an app for your phones to get all this goodness in 1 place.

I am not by anyway, begging for money, as I can afford to pay my bills and such, but extra expenditures out of pocket for this project, have to take a back seat.

Best wishes everyone, may the season bring you all the joy, and happiness, I will get through this.

But if you suffer from depression or other mental illness, PLEASE, take the time to talk to someone, there are many hotlines, online chats, and other support forums out there to help. That being said, i am still very bad about my own self-care in that regard as I am always running out of time to do anything like that, so try to make time in your life, even if it's 5 minutes to seek the help that is out there waiting for you to reach out to them, as they are there, and ready to help.

3000 mark

Finally the Facebook page is now at 3000 followers!!! A milestone we wanted to hit last season, but here we are at the beginning of this one hitting that mark.

I cannot expect 300% growth of the followers again this year, but if we can increase to 5000, it would be a great step to take.

Perhaps media coverage will spike our following? Time will tell.

Christmas, Full Steam Ahead

Now that November is rolling on, it's time for everything Christmas. We've been busy getting updates from displays, and updating the maps with new listings.

On the newest Disturbin' the Burb's podcast we got an another mention during the show, it's really a great honor to have some more media related exposure for the page and this project.

Hopefully more media coverage to come soon, as I have others interested this project.

Disturbin the 'burbs

Was just contacted today by the host of Disturbin' the 'Burbs Podcast

They want to do a podcast with me. They are a new podcast, but they are local, so local supporting local. Why Not?

With only 1 episode live at this time, it is quite entertaining, and a bit irreverent, but still amusing. I would suggest you check them out, and give them a like/follow on Facebook as well.

We will be on their show in the next week or so, hopefully.



Snubbed partnership

A large display, that we have given main stage advertising on our pages for years now, has decided when I approached them for a partnership of some nature, declined.

They decided that, even though people ask, they don't want to point anyone at anything else other than their display, and the message they convey.

So our admin team has decided we will keep them on the map, but we will not share or advertise the display any longer on our outlets, as they get enough exposure as it is,
and they spend money on advertising themselves.

It would have been really great for us and this page, to have even a low level partnership, or even a small sign somewhere on the grounds, but that was too much to ask of them. A shame as the season is about sharing and community, along with the religious connections to the holiday.

This is their loss now, no longer mine. I am now re-classifying them into a different grouping on the map.