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End of the Season

It saddens us that the lighting season is now over. We saw plenty of displays, nearly 100 displays visited, some multiple times. It was a busy year, 1 Full time job, 1 part time job, and then nearly full time hours working on the maps and page. Long hours were put in, and I am happy we did get some donations to cover our personal costs of hosting this page, and for our travel expenses going to the displays for the benefit of everyone, we didn't reach our full goal, but what we did get will help. We still have work with the page and such to do over this month, but the hours will be considerably less now. Beyond that, I have to figure out now what to do with my free time again, and get back into regular habits.

We were honored to be part of the closing night of Woodinville Wonderland, which is now closed not just for this season but it is the end of that display. We also got to hang out with Gena, at The Very Merry Christmas House, on her closing night. She will be back in 2019 with her epic Halloween display, and again with Christmas afterward. Last but not least got to take time to do video work for the Steffensen family, their videos will be up in the near future, though I wish they would have turned out a bit better, they do well enough to show how well their display is put together.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to visit and use our Facebook page, as well as this page for your Christmas Light viewing.


New Year

The holidays and the new year have come and passed, displays are shutting off 1 after another. It's sad to see them close down for the season, but I understand they are all a limited time engagement.
Today Woodinville Wonderland has it's swan song, it's closing night, the finale. I will be there with many others to see if off in grandiose fashion. Hopefully the weather will hold out so I can get some videos to upload.
Have to plan now for finishing up the season and what upgrades/improvements I should make to the services on the FB page and on here.

To be finished later


Now where did I leave off? Ah Yes, the future of the services we provide. They map listings exploded this year, the usage of which also was very high. People seemed to really enjoy them, but then there are those that just didn't understand google maps (the most widely used mapping service in the world). Well we hope that next year people have caught on how to use it. It's tough to make their interface even easier to use, but hopefully well find a way.