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Snowmaggedden 2019

4 rounds of snow later, getting a little tired of feeling nearly snowed in. Round 1 8 inches, Round 2 4 inches on the remaining 3 inches. Round 3 6 inches and Last night Round 4 another 6 inches….. Needless to say I've not seen my driveway, let alone the actual pavement in some time. As much as it is fun, and I have the ability to work from home, it is a bit much at this point. My car cannot traverse the roads with this weather, and the current conditions, not enough clearance and the snow is just too high to push through right now.

Supposedly there may be more coming, but we have a reprieve for now. I am lucky enough to not have any large trees near me that I have to worry about being weighed down with all this snow, trees and branches have been coming down all over the area, and sometimes causing power lines to come down in the process.

Need to make a few more awards for displays and start planning my content for Pacific NW CLAP in May.

Winter is Coming

So, the PacNW finally got it's first dose of a real winter…. May as well Shut the state down…Panic in the stores, and gas lines reminiscent of gas lines during the Gas shortage of the 70s. It was entertaining to watch the masses freak out over snow, which, yes is a rare event in our temperate climate, especially at these levels. I am happy it did wait until after the lighting season was complete, so travels were easier and didn't have to battle more elements while attempting to enjoy lights.

Apparently this is just wave 1 of many to come, we shall see.