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Snubbed partnership

A large display, that we have given main stage advertising on our pages for years now, has decided when I approached them for a partnership of some nature, declined.

They decided that, even though people ask, they don't want to point anyone at anything else other than their display, and the message they convey.

So our admin team has decided we will keep them on the map, but we will not share or advertise the display any longer on our outlets, as they get enough exposure as it is,
and they spend money on advertising themselves.

It would have been really great for us and this page, to have even a low level partnership, or even a small sign somewhere on the grounds, but that was too much to ask of them. A shame as the season is about sharing and community, along with the religious connections to the holiday.

This is their loss now, no longer mine. I am now re-classifying them into a different grouping on the map.