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New Year

The holidays and the new year have come and passed, displays are shutting off 1 after another. It's sad to see them close down for the season, but I understand they are all a limited time engagement.
Today Woodinville Wonderland has it's swan song, it's closing night, the finale. I will be there with many others to see if off in grandiose fashion. Hopefully the weather will hold out so I can get some videos to upload.
Have to plan now for finishing up the season and what upgrades/improvements I should make to the services on the FB page and on here.

To be finished later


Now where did I leave off? Ah Yes, the future of the services we provide. They map listings exploded this year, the usage of which also was very high. People seemed to really enjoy them, but then there are those that just didn't understand google maps (the most widely used mapping service in the world). Well we hope that next year people have caught on how to use it. It's tough to make their interface even easier to use, but hopefully well find a way.