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Well, 2 weeks since the test, and apparently the test was a failure.

So it would seem no one reads this at all, or if they do they took no action based on my test in the previous post. I am not sure if i should feel sad, or if I should advertise about it more instead. I just don't know….. It is frustrating I take the time to write these and post these to the webpage, but basically for nothing, C'est la Vie, I guess.

Looking back on this lighting season, it was honestly not great. Lots of donations to displays with numbers up all over, that is great, we made a few dollars on selling display owner signs, yay that's great. But the down side is ZERO donations from the community, ABSOLUTELY ZERO. I do this for the community, but it would be nice to see at least a little support from them, if they are capable of doing so, even small donations help.

In other news….
Well the world as we know it in the USA right now is quite chaotic and soon will be swearing in a new President, time will tell how all this goes from here.