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4000+ Miles and 5 Million Lights

2 weeks have gone by, and it has been crazy.

So many displays seen, so many lights, many would consider what we did, pretty crazy.

We had great travels, long days, and managed on food we brought with us, as to not spend the extra money on eating out.

Southern Oregon, Spokane/Couer D'Alene, and Lower mainland British Columbia, we travelled all over those areas, scouting new displays, visiting ones we have never personally visited, and networking with display owners.
Back to the normal 40hr work week this week, but 60+ hours each week during the trip, either traveling to or scouting displays to make ALL this even better for my followers has been amazing.

I would hope that my fans will help us out financing this project, as web hosting, travel, and just gasoline for the car to show you all the displays is an out of pocket expense from our own budget.

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