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I just found out today that my most supportive volunteer for this project will be leaving the area during 2021. As much as this saddens me, I wish them the best with their future endeavors. I am hoping as we progress this project in 2021, that i may find others that want to join in and help us with this, as our main coverage area is only handled by 1 team after they leave. Any light fanatics out there that like to travel a bit and want to aid us in what we do? Let us know.

In other news big changes hopefully coming in 2021. Hopefully we can get additional donations which will allow us to finally get an app built for this project. Webpage certainly needs a makeover too.

I wish we could find some folks with the skills that would be willing to donate some time/effort into assisting us with these things, as they are a bit cost prohibitive to have done by professional services.

Merry Christmas Eve

Please stay safe, enjoy some lights, and stay healthy